Saturday, February 20, 2010

How to be a great communicator and a leader for whom are near Adyar, Chennai

Anyone interested in becoming a great communicator and a leader in and around Adyar, Chennai should think about joining the Medley Toastmasters Club. They meet every 2nd and 4th Saturday everymonth at the Gandhinagar club, Adyar, Chennai.

You can also send an email to


  1. I agree. I have visited this club. Pretty high energy club. I would recommend to all who want to improve their Communication skills.

    The method followed is very systematic and you can see the result yourself.

  2. It's a great learning experience and the club's strong foothold is that it has 25 members and it's a mix of youth and experienced toastmaster's you form the club....

  3. kudos Ravi ! I hope this blog or the other group or both take off well and serve us. Eventhe n I am afraid that some one may have to wake up the members to look into these every day, say thru' SMS or other means. We may have the 8th office bearer for this.

    Satish : You seem to follow some sort of US time. Set your clock to Indian Stretchable time pls. - SamRaj

  4. Please send your queries to also in case you require any details to enhance your communication or leadership skills through the Medley Toastmasters Club, Gandhinagar

  5. I would like to attend a TM meeting at your club, but the receptionist at the Club says you haven't met at that venue for several months, and the phone number listed on this webpage is permanently switched off. Do you still meet as advertised? Do you operate your email account?