Sunday, November 28, 2010


Many guests who come to visit a TM meeting might be wondering why one should join a TM club, what is that they get here and so on.

Let me share my own experience. Till I was haunted by my pathetic experience while giving a presentation to a group of internal office colleagues, I never realised that I need to do something to improve my public communication, as I was pretty good, at least I thought so, in general interaction with people. And this possibly could have gone for some years and affected my progress in career and life. Till I found such a platform I had no idea how can one improve such skills.

TM clubs not only provide the very much needed skills in public communication, but also enhances the leadership skills which encompasses a complete different personality altogether in life, other than mere public communication. TM meetings trains people in effective listening, and evaluaing and coaching which is great leadership skill. Leadership requires a vision which only some can see, other than caring and nurturing people, and in all these activities, public commuication forms only the necessary base, not even a significant part of leadership.

I must say that although all of us join TM for some selfish gains and interests, but slowly we realise that how our communication and leadership skills are affected adversely by being selfish and acting selfish all the time. The process of thinging too much about self saps out of us all the spontaneity, creativity and fun, and thus making us low self esteemed and insular individual.

I wish all the members and visitors to take advantage of the platform to transform their personal and professional lives.


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